Squirrels are funny and playful, but always keep in mind that they are wild animals. Watch and enjoy them, always approach them slowly and carefully and never try to grab or pick one up. Many will scratch or bite when they feel scared or threatened. If you see one in trouble, try to protect it from predators without touching it and call your local animal control.

A Squirrel of a Different Color

I landed on the ground with a 'Thud'! I shook my head and looked around and could smell that this was a squirrel place, but couldn't see any others around. Nothing, not even one of those birds that mama told me about, was anywhere in sight. I could hear a squirrel way up in the tree making a loud noise that scared me. The only thing that I could see was food everywhere, I was so happy! Then, all of the sudden, I saw a squirrel way bigger than my mama slowly walking towards me until it got so close that it was breathing right in my face...

I realized that this was no squirrel. He seemed really mad. What did I do to make him look at me like that? I backed up and backed up until there was nowhere else to go. He looked at me like I was food!!

Just then I heard a noise and something saying really loud "Kitty, what have you got over there?!!" It ran towards us and chased off that big ole mean thing it called 'kitty'.

The bigger one started walking towards me. I had never seen anything so enormous in my life. I tried to climb up the tree, but was so tired and hungry that I could barely move. Was this monster going to try to eat me too?