Squirrels are funny and playful, but always keep in mind that they are wild animals. Watch and enjoy them, always approach them slowly and carefully and never try to grab or pick one up. Many will scratch or bite when they feel scared or threatened. If you see one in trouble, try to protect it from predators without touching it and call your local animal control.

Tiny Finds a New Nest

It had been the scariest day of my life, but for the first time I felt protected and safe. I was suddenly very tired. It looked at me and said, "maybe we should see if your mama is going to come looking for you". So it walked waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to the other side of the yard and we both sat and waited… and waited… and waited…

After a very long time it went back into its nest and when it came out it was holding something to its ear and talking into it. I heard it say “what should I do?” and “what if the mother is looking for her?”

It was getting dark and it had a worried look and I was scared it was going to leave me out here alone. I didn’t know how to get back to my nest. So I ran over to it and stood at its feet. It put covers on its paws and reached them very slowly towards me, which I thought was funny because such a big thing looked a little scared of me. Then it picked me up.

I went right into its paws and nuzzled my nose into it and fell straight to sleep.

When I woke up I was wrapped in the softest leaf I had ever felt and a smaller version of the big thing was holding me, it was probably her pup. Altogether there was a mama, a papa and three pups. They took turns holding and feeding me.

They gave me milk from a thing they called a bottle and then put some food out for me. I was so happy I made squeaking noises to let them know it.

I decided to call the one that found me ‘Big Mama’, the daddy 'Big Papa' and I named her pups 'Peanut', 'Persimmon' and 'Pecan'. Peanut always wraps me up in a blanket to hold me and keep me warm while I sleep.

If I don’t find my mama again, I decided that this nest might suit me just fine.

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  1. your new family loves you! and now the world does too! snuggle up warm! squeak! squeak!
    xo, Katy