Squirrels are funny and playful, but always keep in mind that they are wild animals. Watch and enjoy them, always approach them slowly and carefully and never try to grab or pick one up. Many will scratch or bite when they feel scared or threatened. If you see one in trouble, try to protect it from predators without touching it and call your local animal control.

Tiny's big night out!

With all the time that I'm spending outside I'm really starting to like the big trees in the yard. I run up and down them to practice my scampering skills. It's not a big surprise that the 3 P's and Big Papa don't like it one bit. If I go too high in the tree they start calling me and calling me until I come down. Sometimes I just don't feel like it even when they have a peanut! Sometimes a squirrel just needs some space.

On this particular day I was feeling pretty naughty. When they called and called I went higher up in the tree and hid. I was going to teach them a thing or two. Eventually they went inside and I really thought that I had them beat. I watched them get in the car and heard Big Mama say that they were late and had to go. I felt pretty proud of myself for tricking them into leaving me outside. All I had to do now was to wait for them to come back and get me.

What I didn't count on was that it was going to get dark and that they would still be gone. Suddenly I found myself all alone in the dark with nowhere to go. I found a hole in a tree and crawled in. It was dark and I was alone. I was thinking that maybe I wasn't so clever after all.

I didn't get much sleep that night. The next morning I went out into the tree to look for my family. No sooner did I climb down than I heard Persimmon run out the door yelling for me. She looked so happy to see me. She let me in the cage and gave me lots of treats and cuddles. I was so happy to be home that when we got inside I climbed right into the sleeve of her jacket and fell asleep.


  1. Silly Tiny! You still look pretty little to me, and you better listen to your parents and come when they call you! Glad you're okay, and cute as ever:-)