Squirrels are funny and playful, but always keep in mind that they are wild animals. Watch and enjoy them, always approach them slowly and carefully and never try to grab or pick one up. Many will scratch or bite when they feel scared or threatened. If you see one in trouble, try to protect it from predators without touching it and call your local animal control.

Tiny is gaining confidence.

Well after many more trial runs, Big Mama and the rest of the family feel pretty good about me being outside at least for a little while longer. I spend more and more time out there every day (supervised, of course). My teeth have grown enough that I can start eating crunchier food. If there's one thing that squirrels love, it's crunchy food!

I've even started trying to climb the trees. I'm still not really good at it, but practice makes perfect. It makes my new family a little nervous. Especially the 3 P's and Big Papa. They're worried that one day I will go up a tree and never come back.

I guess they don't know how important family is to me, especially since I lost my first one. I've realized that we belong together even if we don't look, talk, or act alike. Other people may see us and think we're crazy, but Big mama says that "family is like a quilt. The fabric may be sewn together with cuckoo colors and weird shapes, but so long as it keeps you warm, it works".

I don't know about you, but as you can tell by this picture of me in my bed with just my eye and my tail showing, I like being warm.

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